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My journey to helping others started in childhood, when I realised that I could feel peoples' emotions through my own thoughts, energy and feelings.  Throughout my life I also had different experiences that convinced me there was more to this world than the physical reality that we can clearly see.  My readings with Mediums, Clairvoyants and Psychics gave me irrefutable "evidence" that some form of communication continues after death.

My own training as a Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Medium gave me the confidence to offer my gifts to  others and, latterly, to teach other people what I know.  Life itself also offered me its own teachings through the loss of loved ones, the loss of my marriage and the loss of my identity.  But through each loss there was growth; new hope emerged and a new path was laid out before me.  All the time, guided by my "spiritual committee" made up of loved ones in spirit, Angels and Guides, I followed my heart and my own instincts, rather then my ego and logical mind.  I was following my soul.

I have worked in Hospices, Hospitals, Healing Centres and 1:1 with patients.  I also have a Healing Book and, every Sunday, I send out love and light to all those whose names are in the book; calling out their names individually, as I link up with my spiritual committee to send out love to those in need.

A Healer's job is to give their patient the time and space to connect with their soul.  Meditation also does this.  As Healers, we dedicate our lives to raising our energetic vibration to a frequency that can communicate with the non-physical realm and we, in turn, link our patient into this energy that is love and light during their appointment.  Placing our hands on a patient is not always necessary as distant healing works on the same vibration.  This sacred time of healing connects you to your soul, where it can be heard and where you can remember who you really are. Any subtle energies or guidance that are received during the healing are a gift for the patient - they can be accepted, or not.  This is the choice of the patient and varies according to where each of us are on our spiritual journey as a Human.

Please feel free to drop me a line by clicking here with any questions you may have or to book an appointment with me.

Love & Light 

Claire x

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