My name is Claire and I live in Church Crookham, Hampshire.  As a sensitive child, I was always trying to make sense of the world around me; I knew I was different to other people but I wasn't sure why.  My natural gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship seemed normal to me and realising I was an "empath" in my 20s helped me to better undersand my differences and put them to good use.

I was introduced to healing in the late 90s by a very experienced Healer who was a member of The Healing Trust.  I undertook a 2 year training programme that helped me to understand, manage and utilise my gifts for the highest good of myself and others.  I now offer these as treatments in the form of Soul Healing and Clairvoyant Readings from my home in Hampshire, where I have been practising for over 15 years.


Soul Healing has helped me in so many ways during my own journey in life.  It has acted as a steadying force; reminding me that I'm never truly apart from Spirit and has given me insight into why I am here and what lessons I am to learn during my lifetime.  It's given me the confidence to trust myself and, above all, it reminds me that the answers are already within us, we just need to quieten the mind to find them.

I work from my treatment room near Fleet in Hampshire and am in the process of renovating a vintage caravan so I can use it for treatments and small meditation groups.

                                             Claire x

© 2005 Claire Gardner Healing 

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