Energy Clearing /

Spirit Release

Clearing is a powerful healing method that works on a soul level to release negative programming. A “program” is the root cause of a problem or symptom that is negatively affecting your present life. Programming can be positive or negative. With energy clearing I work with spiritual energy to release only negative programming. Releasing subconscious programs allows the soul to move into its full expression of joy and prosperity.  I work with a pendulum and charts to derive specific detail about a given situation that requires clearing and then, with permission, I clear that energy.

Most of my work is done remotely from my home in Farnham.  Whilst I can clear energy for clients, their own free will and soul's journey will take precedence.

Some examples of how I use clearing for clients :  Clearing any negative energy around abundance; clearing negative energy from their home or office; researching the reason for recurring patterns or habits and clearing the negative energy around it; researching past lives for present life learning and growth.  Please contact me for more information.

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