How I Can Help You 


Talking and sharing forms the basis of all of my sessions with clients and my background as a recruitment consultant really gives me a good understanding of issues concerning career, work or returning to work after raising a family.  

Energy Healing / Reiki 

Healing is the process of "making whole" and channeling universal energy from one person to another and is similar to prayer. The healing energies are channeled through an experienced and qualified practitioner who, through 

meditation and attunement, connects to the source of energy, normally assisted by the Healer’s spirit guides, and this energy is directed to the patient with the use of hands or thought or both.  Healing is also called Reiki, Spiritual Healing or Energy Healing.  


I believe one of the easiet ways to "tune into ourselves" is via meditation.  Just sitting alone, quietly each day can really reconnect us with who we are.  It stills the mind and can change the brainwaves significantly, enough to be able to listen to your soul, rather than your conscious mind.


Creativity and activating the right brain can be really useful when we are trying to connect with the true essence of ourselves.  Not only are we giving our inner child some play time, we are being mindful and aware as our focus is completely on the object of our creativity.  I make jewellery (Pretty Old Vintage) and I paint using acrylics which I share with clients in either a 1:1 or workshop setting - it can be very therapeutic to create your own work of art !

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