Healing / Reiki 

Healing is the process of "making whole" and channeling universal energy from one person to another and is similar to prayer. The spiritual, healing energies are channeled through an experienced and qualified practitioner who, through 

meditation and attunement, connects to the source of energy, normally assisted by the Healer’s spirit guides, and this energy is directed to the patient with the use of hands or thought or both.  Healing is also called Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Soul Healing or Energy Healing.  I qualified with The Healing Trust in 2005 and have insurance with Balens.  I treat patients at my home in Church Crookham as well as at hospitals, hospices and at Mind, Body, Spirit Fairs.  This treatment can also be done remotely and is called "distant healing".  A short summary will be emailed after a distant healing.



Clairvoyance the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.  I use my natural clairvoyance to give 30 minute readings.  You do not need to be with me in person.  It can be done distantly and the results are emailed to you.  Sometimes it can come through as messages from your guides about what you need to know and sometimes a loved one from spirit can pop in and the reading takes on more of a mediumship flavour !  I just open up my clairvoyance and give you what spirit gives me.


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